Anders Behring Breivik who has been arrested for yesterday's Oslo bombing and Utøya massacre and Thomas Hamilton of the 1996 Dunblane massacre both had links to the secret sect of Freemasonry.

Photographs showing Anders Behring Breivik in full masonic ceremonial attire have surfaced on the internet providing a possible link between himself and the Freemasons.

This will of course whet the appetites of many conspiracy theorists.

The Massacre at Utøya echoes the 1996 Dunblane  massacre where Thomas Hamilton murdered 16 children and one adult before turning the gun on himself, apart from the fact that Breivik was arrested.

But the similarities do not end there.

Thomas Hamilton was also allegedly affiliated to the Freemasonic order but this affiliation has not been officially confirmed by the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

The revelation that the perpetrator of yesterday's attack on a summer camp for children was a white, right wing extremist abruptly ends speculation that Muslim extremists were involved in the massacre.

Some say that the timing of the Utøya massacre and the car bombing in Oslo suggest that Breivik did not not act alone and this was a coordinated attack on the Norwegian people and evidence to connect the two events is slowly emerging.

But there are also unconfirmed reports suggesting Breivik was seen in the vicinity of the site of the Oslo bombing, which is 20 or so miles away from Utøya, just prior to the explosions.

There is also an investigation by Norwegian police into a possible second gunman opening fire at the Island massacre at which 84 were killed.

It would be foolish to envisage a coincidental element in the horrors of yesterday's two geographically separated events and therefore a full investigation into any Freemasonry involvement in the terrorist attacks should be undertaken by the Norwegian authorities with someone who has no links to the Freemasons heading the investigation. If only to silence the conspiracy theorists, remember the allegations of murder, smoke and mirrors over the death of Diana?

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