It looks like those chaps at GMTV are a little peeved at Adrian Chiles's royal reception on their sofa. I imagine Chiles is going to start feeling like Johnny No Friends.

Andrew Castle, who has presented GMTV for the past ten years, feels now is the time to make a move and venture forth into pastures new because of the "changes taking place at GMTV", which has made him reconsider continuing his time in the position of GMTV presenter.

So this Autumn Andrew will be off to enter what he calls "a new chapter" in his life.

Andrew who is well known as a Tennis commentator for the BBC has also got a large family following and his confrontation of former health secretary Andy Burnham. This was brilliant as Mr Burnham came on the show to talk about the information available to the public through an NHS website to combat the Swine Flu and whilst defending Tamiflu.

Little did Mr Burnham know that Andrew Castle's daughter nearly died as a result of being given Tamiflu without proper diagnosis after being rejected by the Doctor and Hospital.

So Andrew ripped Andy Burnham and the government a new one over the great con that was Swine Flu.

For that alone many will admire Andrew Castle who some may call bland but I would say he was just of a different school of presenting….no gimmicks just concise and precise presentation of the news and the program.

I also like Adrian Chiles but has more been made of him than is necessary?

The Bleakley/Chiles formula worked very well for some unknown reason but like any double act the individual parts are rarely greater that the whole.

So Bleakley may have Chris Evans and Chiles may have errrmmm the sofa but they will not be the charming and engaging duo that made the One Show such a success.

There has been bad handling by Both the Beeb and GMTV…..

The Beeb should never have brought in Chris Evans and GMTV should never have rolled out the red carpet for Chiles.

But anyway good luck Andrew Castle on the next chapter in your life.

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