Whatever you think of what the two presenters said or did, they were a pair of silly plonkers to have done it so openly. But Sky seems to have completely failed to make its views on sexism in the workplace clear to these particular two men.

Jeremy Darroch, BSkyB's chuef executive, said after the event that 'It was totally unacceptable. This behaviour goes against everything Sky Sports stands for and the culture we are building at the business. We are very clear about the standards and the kind of behaviour we accept at Sky. It [sexist behaviour] is not acceptable in the workplace.'

Well, the policy was obviously not in a form of language that the two presenters understood, maybe more words of one syllable only were required?

And by following up and saying they would not need to take further action to reiterate their standards to members of staff makes one ask why were these two men different to all the other staff? Especially those in such high profile positions.

Worse still Beverley Turner writing in the Telegraph paints a very different picture than is claimed by Sky.

'I have never met either of them, but apparently this on-air double act are roundly despised. I am told that anybody with a toe in the sports industry could pick up a phone this week and listen to the queue of researchers, producers, and reporters willing to share their shocking stories of the ways in which the pair have colluded to embarrass colleagues over the past 20 years: taking a cheap, and frankly unoriginal, shot at a female referee was small fry.' She writes.


Keys and Gray – click for larger image

Seems there's a history there then, which Sky should have been aware of. But they were it seems happy to earn off the back of the pair's popularity with the viewers while their antics were kept under wraps. And if the company was unaware then its internal procedures to deal with workplace harassment need addressing. This should have been stamped out properly at the first instance. Consider that both Key and Gray have been with Sky since the early 1990s.

That is no excuse for their behaviour though. But if all this alleged history is true then the blame lies just as much with Sky as with the two men.

Allowing these antics to take so much publicity clouds other important equality issues like the male/female disparity in wages and one greatly overlooked fact that men in the UK die at an earlier age on average than women.

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