You may have heard of the Robin Tilbrook case, but did you know another Article 50 court action has commenced?


Now, many of you will know about the Judicial Review case brought by solicitor and Chairman of the English Democrats, Robin Tilbrook, against the manner of the decision by Theresa May to extend the Article 50 process beyond the 29th of March 2019 – a case that is progressing through the court system right now.

But has anyone heard of a similar case being brought by a former Tory MP and Chairman of the Treasury Select Committee, Barry Legg, who is now the Chairman of the Eurosceptic Bruges Group.

Writing in the Telegraph, Tory Eurosceptic MP Bill Cash, wrote:

"I warned Donald Tusk before the European Council that there was likely to be a challenge in the UK Courts. This is now underway, in the name of Barry Legg, former Chairman of the Treasury Select Committee, following discussions with QCs and former judges. It attacks the statutory instrument for extension of time as ultra vires and void."

And he goes on to say that, by implication, we would therefore have left the EU on the 12th of April.

But, I have to point out that, if that premise is true for the second Article 50 extension, then surely it must be true for the first and Tilbrook therefore should win his earlier case and we would actually have left the EU two weeks earlier at 11 pm on the 29th March 2019!

In fact Robin Tilbrook Tweeted yesterday:

"Our barrister has been working on a devastating response to the Government's 'Grounds of Resistance' which we will file with the High Court on Tuesday and press for the earliest hearing date! Once properly filed I will publish on "

Isn't it strange that the press gives neither case proper coverage and Bill Cash is also giving the Tilbrook case scant regard.

These cases are of historic constitutional importance, cases that could well dictate the course of UK history.

But of course the establishment wants them dead and buried.

The trouble is that these cases cannot be buried and the decisions and pronouncements on them by our judges, will shape opinion of the independent UK judiciary and it members, for probably centuries to come.

And those judges reviewing these cases know that only too well, or at least they should!

And I have to ask, out of all the thousands upon thousands of so called journalists out there, is there not just one single one of them that is prepared to do a bit of proper digging and proper journalism over this issue? Is there not one single editor of a major news source out there prepared to give this case a good public airing?

Or do our journo colleges now just churn out people who know how to pretty up government press releases?

And finally, according to the Express, the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn is saying that, if he becomes Prime Minister, he will not be taking up residence in Number Ten.

This is reportedly causing the security services the nightmarish headaches of possibly having to seal off the whole street of Corbyn's Islington home.

One police source told the Mail on Sunday:

He’s been told it would be a nightmare.

“The police have said that there’s no way they could make his Islington home secure without sealing off the whole street.

But of course the good news is that, once he exposed as a Marxist fraud and destroyer of the UK nation and heritage, he will be swiftly turfed out. So having nothing more than an office in Number Ten would make it easier for the next resident to move in to.

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