Earlier this year Gordon Brown visited our troops in Afghanistan. Standing in Helmand province before the world cameras he made his promise to give our troops the support they need.

Yet again he has not delivered in his promise.

Support is anything his troops/officers request and in this case they requested more troops. General Sir Richard Dannatt who relinquished his position as head of the army in August was denied extra troops to the Afghan offensive after requesting them. Gordon Brown himself denied 2,000 extra troops that were desperately needed in order for the operations within Afghanistan to be successful and to backup cover for existing troops.

Gen Sir Richard Dannatt has been outspoken before on the quality and level of support that the government has given troops. He has persistently requested an increase in quality and quantity of the forces equipment which has been repeatedly denied and believes that his advice to the government has fallen on deaf ears. He likened the roles of both himself and the army's as trying to do a job with part of your arm tied behind your back.

If the former head of the army has such a scathing report of operation backup by the British government then we have surely let our troops down.

No more spin and no lies Gordon there is much blood on your hands and its not just Afghan Blood….it the blood of the troops you sent out to fight as well.

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