The PM faces another testing time in the commons tomorrow, now that the House of Lords has once again defeated the government and inserted a meaningful vote amendment into the EU Withdrawal Bill.

Like a scene out of the film Groundhog Day, Theresa May will once again have to face down her Tory Brexit rebels in the House of Commons to get the meaningful vote amendment inserted by the Upper Chamber voted down.

The government was defeated by 354 votes to 235 in the Lords to give parliament what ministers see as an ability to tie the government's hands during the negotiations with the EU.

As Isabel Hardman says in the Spectator:

"….the Prime Minister now seems trapped in one of those repetitive Hades-style punishments in which she is forced to go through the same miserable exercise over and over again."

But this time she says, it's going to be harder.

All eyes will be on the Tory Brexit rebels tomorrow to see whether they are prepared to put their own government on the line over this matter.

But it also won't end there, we've got the Trade bill and Customs bill to go through as well in due course.

Now here's one in the eye for Remainers. CityAM reports that the Tories are opening up their London Mayoral Candidacy to people from inside and outside of politics but that die-hard Remainers need not apply.

Sutton MP Paul Scully, who is overseeing the campaign, told City A.M. he was "…trying to attract as wide a talent pool as possible, so we can really have someone who can really articulate our vision for London in a very positive way."

And he went on to say that the next Mayoral election will be about London and looking forward, not about Brexit.

"We need someone who isn’t going to rake over old arguments but see the opportunities," he said. "There will be no going back – it has to be about making the most of it for London."

Looking forward to a post-Brexit country at last!

Now, onto Gibraltar.

The Conservative MP for South Thanet, Craig Mackinley, who also sits on the new Exiting the European Union Select Committee has put forward the case in Brexit Central for Gibraltar to have proper parliamentary representation to cement and refresh the Rock's links with the UK post-Brexit.

After all, as Craig Mackinley says, unlike other overseas territories, under the treaties Gibraltar has no option other than to be British or Spanish – independence is not an option. It is also one of only two to use Sterling as its currency, the other being the Falkland Islands.

So to that end Mr Mackinley is putting forward a 10 minute-rule bill that would, if taken further, give the residents of Gibraltar the option for an MP should they wish it.

But it is also emerging that the sharing of Gibraltar airport with the Spanish is on the Brexit negotiating table.

"Junior Brexit minister Robin Walker said it was worth “having a discussion” with Madrid on issues “relating to shared economic benefit” when probed by peers about the future of the airport." Reports the Sun.

We should not be putting this on any negotiating table. We have the EU threatening to force the UK out of any future sharing of security matters and they want us to hand over half Gibraltar's airport and commit to defending the EU when they need it.

This whole one-sided negotiation must now be wound up and we need to walk away from the table forthwith.

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