Commenting on George Osborne’s Budget statement today (Wednesday 20 March 2013), Friends of the Earth’s Head of Campaigns Andrew Pendleton said:

This is yet another fossil-fuelled Budget that will leave the UK struggling in the wake of forward-thinking nations that are already investing in the clean industrial revolution.

Our economy desperately needs new ideas, but George Osborne is a 19th century Chancellor, using 20th century tools to fix 21st century problems.

A few crumbs of comfort for the green economy are dwarfed by his enthusiasm for new oil and gas. That will cut little ice with the major energy investors demanding he commit to a clean, resilient and future-proof economy.”

Shale gas

Commenting on tax-breaks for shale gas, Friends of the Earth’s Head of Campaigns Andrew Pendleton said:

Shale gas is not the solution to rising energy bills – it’s dirty, unnecessary and its extraction will have an earth-shattering impact on local communities across the UK.

Planet Earth (NASA-Public Domain)

Planet Earth (NASA-Public Domain)

Fuel Duty

Reacting to the scrapping of the planned 3p fuel duty rise, Friends of the Earth Economics Campaigner David Powell said:

The Chancellor’s refusal to raise fuel duty in line with inflation has deprived Treasury coffers of £5 billion in the last two years, leaving other parts of the economy to pay the price.

The driving force behind rising petrol prices is the soaring cost of oil – the sensible long-term plan is to protect motorists from rising fuel prices by weaning our transport system off its oil dependency.

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