Once again the streets of south east London are starting to mimic those in films set much further away from the Thames. Inside the estates of south east London the world is a very different place. A boy of 17 years old was found yesterday with a fatal gunshot wound to the face. The property in one of the rougher points on London’s compass is believed to of been a doss house. This is not an irregular occurrence, especially if drugs are concerned. If a tenant becomes involved with ‘a wrong crowd’ the place where they call home can be turned very quickly into a place for drug addicts to do whatever it is drug addicts do. This can lead to acquaintances that are not exactly desirable. Where drugs are concerned people often change and this can have dire consequences.

We have not however been told of activity involving drugs in this particular situation, but this tends to be a big cause of incidents such as these. Police were informed and showed up armed in large numbers to attend the scene. A neighbour had informed them after hearing a gunshot and shouting, the police attended the scene in the early hours of this morning to find a 17year old male a victim of gun crime.

The young man’s injuries proved to be fatal, paramedics had also attended the scene and attempted to resuscitate the boy but sadly this was not successful. I would like to know whether the people committing these acts of violence actually understand that they are taking the life of their fellow man when they do this, or if they are simply blinded by anger at the time. If you are holding a weapon such as a gun it doesn’t take much to fatally wound someone.


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We should be approaching the current competing parties in the election and asking what they will be doing to prevent events such as these from happening in the future. What if that boy was your son, many young lives are lost when they have not done anything at all to make the holder of the weapon pull that trigger. If the police crackdown on gun crime and seize these weapons there is less chance of a confrontation resulting in a funeral. If they did not have the gun there may be a fight, but there is far less chance of someone dying.

Five people have been arrested in connection with the incident, a 17, 20 and 27 year old men. Along with two women one of 36 and the other ten years older. One theory has been looked at, the possibility that the fatality was in fact an accident. Like I have just said if that gun was not there in the first place, we would not have seen this tragic loss of life.

Police are appealing for witnesses if you know anything that may help with their enquiries, please phone the incident room on 020 8721 4906 or Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.

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