Television presenter Ant McPartlin has been punched in the face by an 18 year old thug in an unprovoked attack in his local pub, the Barley Mow pub in Chiswick, South West London.

McPartlin (of Ant & Dec) was taunted all night by the youth as he tried to watch the Barcelona v Arsenal football match and made reference to Declan Donnelly (his co-presenter)  whilst insinuating a homosexual relationship between the two presenters by shouting  "Where's your girlfriend?" at McPartlin.

The feral youth then punched Ant in the face.

Giedrius Kudzinskas, who was an eyewitness to the kerfuffle, said "Ant didn't react and this bloke launched himself at him and punched him in the face. Ant reeled back and then a big fight broke out as his mates came to help him. Other people jumped in and held back the other guy"

"The bloke was thrown out but when Ant left later, he was waiting for him. There was another lot of shouting and then Ant walked off. It was all totally unprovoked."

According to sources Ant did not contact the Police about this matter or inform his management.

Sad really that Ant McPArtlin probably didn't kick the daylights into the youth because he feared it would have affected his career and could have resulted in McPartlin facing jail thanks to the dysfunctional and unjust British legal system which protects criminals rights yet punishes the victims ….. and the Police are powerless in this matter thanks to the cowardly judges that preside over courts across this land, too afraid to mete out real justice in case in contravenes European law or the latest politically correct hug-a-hoody law.


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