While one Tory Remainer MP says that there's nothing that can now stop a new Prime Minister taking the UK out of the EU with no deal, another is saying he would bring the government down to prevent it happening.


Tory Remainer MP Oliver Letwin, who backed the Labour Party's failed attempt yesterday to take control of the Commons order paper with the aim of stopping a no deal Brexit, has said that there is now no way of stopping a determined PM from pursuing a no deal Brexit.

Talking to the BBC Radio 4 Today programme he said:

"We have run out of all the possibilities that any of us can, at the moment, think of."

And this is mainly due to the fact that if the government doesn't put forward legislation, then it can't be amended to stop a no deal exit from the EU.

On this Letwin said:

"That's an extremely good summary of the situation alas." And added: "If the government doesn't bring something before parliament, parliament won't have a chance to take a view on that."

This was echoed by Nick Boles, who resigned from the Tories earlier this year and now sits as an Independent Progressive Conservative, who said that a no deal was once again a 'racing certainty'.

And he went on to say:

"It is very hard to see where any further legislative opportunities will come from. So it's now a question of politics – specifically whether a PM pursuing a no-deal Brexit can command and sustain the confidence of the House of Commons."

But the former Attorney General, Dominic Grieve QC, although agreeing that opportunities to prevent a no deal had dried up, said that he 'would not hesitate to ditch the Tory whip to help bring down the government to ensure the UK did not leave the EU without a deal.

Speaking during the debates leading up to yesterday's unsuccessful attempt to take control of the House of Commons, he said that the vote they were about to have was the only opportunity MPs would have to ensure they had a say should a new PM come into office washing to take the UK out of the EU on WTO terms.

On this he said:

"If we get to a point where a prime minister is intent on doing this, the only way of stopping that prime minister would be to bring down that prime minister's government.

"And I simply have to say here and now, I will not hesitate to do that, if that is what is attempted.

"Even if it means my resigning the whip and leaving the party.

"I will not allow this country to be taken out of the EU on a no deal Brexit without the approval of this house and, in my view, going back to the country and asking them if that is what they want."

This would seem to put the Brexiteers in an extremely strong, almost unassailable position. But the one important element missing from all of this of course, is that we can guess and we can predict, but we do not yet know for a certainty who the new Prime Minister will be. So we don't yet know what their true view of a no deal WTO Brexit would be, in reality.

So who knows for sure? The opportunities and options may open up for the Remainers once again.

And then there's always the chance of them engineering vote of no confidence in the government, isn't there?




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