The London based Remoaners are now trying to convince the rest of the country that they are not just establishment stooges.


So, all those people that are desperate for the UK to Remain where the UK and EU establishment wants us, which is inside a system that forever erodes our national identity and independence, now want people to see them as the anti-establishment ones – Good luck with that one.

The Remoaners from 'The People's Vote' who want a second EU Referendum, are organising a series of events across the country, outside of London, to try and show that they are somehow not part of the Establishment.

With the Guardian saying:

"Polling by YouGov on behalf of the People's Vote campaign found that voters regarded Leave and Remain campaigners almost equally as part of a national elite. Leave campaigners were regarded as "the establishment" by 34%, and remainers by 35%.

"A source at the People's Vote campaign said the organisation wanted to try to "give voice to millions of people who feel the establishment has screwed Brexit up over the past two years" and argue that "the likes of Michael Gove are the establishment now"."

The gist of it seems to be that those who did their utmost at every level inside the pro-EU establishment to totally screw Brexit up at every step of the way, having now pushed us to this ridiculous Chequers plan position, want to portray themselves as the revolutionary heroes.

You could not make it up!

Those on the anti-Brexit side are not the revolutionaries, they are the Remain reactionaries, the Remain conservatives with a small c.

They do not want what frightens them most – change. They want the establishment just as it is – EU controlled and EU driven.

The real revolutionaries are on the side of the Brexiteers and always have been.

My message to the Remoaners is, you might try, but you cannot polish that well known substance – it will always be what it is.

And while all this goes on, UKIP membership is up 15%, with the party saying:

"This is excellent news for our party and a further sign that Britain wants a strong UKIP to get the Brexit the people demanded, and to defend freedom of speech in our country."

And just to show you yet another good reason for the UK to leave the EU, its border and coastguard agency, which is called Frontex, has submitted an eight hundred and ten thousand euro tender for a load of old tat.

"The staggering €810k tender lists everything from paper bags and foldable umbrellas to silver-plated cuff links and brass medals. We don't know what the medals are to be awarded for – Frontex has totally failed to protect the borders of Europe." Says UKIP, who uncovered it.

And what exactly is it for? In sterling terms it's £721,000 for giveaways, such as:

  • €60,000 euros worth of paper bags with logos on them.
  • 200,000 euros worth of power banks, bluetooth loudspeakers and usb flash drives.
  • 50,000 euros worth of women's polo shirts, cotton bags, lanyards, and embroidered patches.
  • 300,000 euros worth of pens, umbrellas and cardholders.
  • 200,000 euros worth of executive gifts such as Silver-plated cuff links, glass medals, glass diplomas, glass & metal diplomas, glass cuboids with full globe, Plexiglas plaques, wooden diplomas, as well as various sizes and types of brass medals and brass lapel pins.

As UKIP leader Gerard Batten said:

"This is what happens when taxpayers' money is freely given to unaccountable organisations – they waste a lot of it on tat. And this is fairly typical for the EU. It's an 'if you've got it, spend it' mentality."


"While Frontex is handing out its freebies illegal migrants are still streaming in across Europe's borders. That is an urgent problem that needs to be addressed."

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