Before all you techie-heads get worried, I am not talking about Apple computer products but about the price of the humble everyday fruit.

If you enjoy an apple as one of your five-a-day or enjoy a glass of cider as your favoured tipple then you may have to pay more for the privilege in future.

In the UK apple harvests have been down by some 25% and there are no stocks to fall back on as there were in the 1990s reports the BBC.

This is not something that is peculiar to the UK either. Apples are relatively scarce across the world. Rick Reisinger of Reisinger Farms in Watkins Glen for example reports that their crop is down about 40%.

This may also mean that we start seeing a few more ‘weathered’ apples on our supermarket shelves instead of the picture perfect examples that we have grown used to over the last few decades as presentation standards are lowered to keep the shelves filled with fruit. But don’t worry, they will still taste as good.

This coming on top of a predicted rise in banana and citrus fruit prices will make sticking to that healthy diet just that bit more expensive in the coming months.

But the higher price should not put you off continuing to buy and eat apples. The health benefits of the regular consumption of apples are well documented, including helping to aid digestion as well as, some say, promoting weight loss.

And the average medium sized apple only contains 80 calories, compare that to your average snack-bar!


Apples by Scott Bauer (PD)

Image by Scott Bauer, USDA [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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