For customers who are new to using credit, aqua Advance and aqua Reward are ideal choices. Their ample benefits make them the best reward credit card range available to credit market newcomers.

aqua Advance and aqua Reward Give New Customers the Chance to Build Their Credit Rating

As a responsible credit card supplier, aqua is keen to ensure that customers can build up a good credit rating using their cards, whether it is their first foray into using credit or if they have previously suffered from bad credit history. aqua Advance and the aqua Reward credit card are designed specifically to address such issues.

aqua Advance rewards sensible credit card usage with a 5% rate reduction each year for three years, meaning that customers can benefit from a total 15% reduction off the rate of their credit card during the first three years of use. The aqua Reward credit card also benefits those who use it responsibly by providing an annual 3% cashback on all monthly net retail spending, which is capped at £100. Both of these rewards are received only if the customer has kept up with monthly minimum payments and followed the terms and conditions of their credit card. By providing these extra incentives, aqua hope to encourage their customers to use credit in a way that could help them to build up a good credit rating and make payments easily.

aqua’s Free SMS Service Makes Using Credit Responsibly Easy

aqua ensures that their customers manage their credit responsibly by providing a free SMS service that alerts customers of payment dates, amounts and warns them when they are nearing their credit limit. This service is available to those who own an aqua credit card and have provided their mobile number. With so many opportunities from aqua to improve your credit rating and a wide reward credit card selection to choose from, aqua is the first choice for credit card customers.

Representative 34.9%APR (variable).

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