There are stories that some former Tory Brexit hard-liners are now beginning to bend their knee to Mrs May's vision of the UK as an EU colony.


There are reports that several Tory MPs and would you believe it the DUP, are now beginning to crack under the strain and are looking at the Theresa May deal again to see if there's anything in it that they could hold up and say 'this is why I'm now voting for it'.

For example, the Tory Brexiteer MP Esther McVey, has already hinted strongly on the Nick Robinson podcast 'Political Thinking', that she may now back the deal when it is resurrected from the catacombs next week.

And with the DUP currently in what is being described as "ongoing and significant discussions" with the PM over their future supply and confidence deal with the Tories, there is much speculation that they are also about to buckle.

Especially as the Chancellor is also involved in the discussions, raising the speculation that the DUP politicians are being offered some more dosh for Northern Ireland.

Another factor is that the Attorney General, Geoffrey Cox QC, is also there, along with Michael Gove.

Earlier this afternoon, the DUP deputy leader, Nigel Dodds, did come out of the discussions to update the press saying that this was about having the party's fears over the backstop 'assuaged' and that nothing should be read into the presence of the Chancellor.


Now the Mail reports that the Attorney General is under pressure to somehow adjust his advice to ease the fears that the UK will be stuck permanently in an EU driven customs union.

The Mail says:

"The DUP is said to be getting closer to ordering its 10 MPs to back Mrs May's deal, and would bring a large number of Brexiteers with them including high-profile members of the Tory ERG group led by Jacob Rees-Mogg."

And then you get to the crux of it. The Mail goes on to say that according to their sources, the DUP donors have turned the money spigots off, in order to force a deal.

What a sad state of affairs. Now, if the DUP is going to go for May's deal anyway, she doesn't need to give them a penny of taxpayers' money to do so, does she?

Now, one of the things that the Attorney General is said to be looking at in order to ease peoples' fears about the longevity of the Irish border backstop, is Article 62 of the Vienna Convention on treaties.

This would allow for the termination of a treaty, if there was a 'fundamental change of circumstances'.

The trouble is that you would, I think, have to show that the event in question had in no way been foreseen and some experts say nothing short of a war would allow it to be invoked.

And the Star Chamber of lawyers set up by the Rees-Mogg led ERG to look at the Withdrawal Agreement had already dismissed this route anyway.

This probably indicates how desperate the government now is to find even the flimsiest of hooks to hang this deadweight of a deal on.

And from Brussels and Dublin we now hear the siren call to Remainers of support for a lengthy extension to the Article 50 process of about two years.

With the foreign minister of the Republic of Ireland, Simon Coveney, saying that the EU is likely to offer the UK a 21-month delay.

Though what the conditions for that would be, such as we have to hold another referendum for example, are not mentioned.

At least the Brexit Secretary, Stephen Barclay, who voted against an open ended Brexit delay yesterday, says that we should either get the PM's deal and a short extension to get the legislation in place, or leave with no deal – and we shouldn't be afraid of doing that, he said.

The trouble is that last night 412 of his fellow MPs voted to do exactly the opposite of that and delay Brexit in the hope of reversing it, or even worse in the hope of delivering the UK bound and gagged into the grateful hands of the EU via the abomination that is the Withdrawal Agreement!

And the only realistic way that the ordinary person in the street can register their feelings and put real fear into the hearts of the politicians sat in the Westminster bubble, is to join, support and vote for UKIP.

As the party's membership grows, so will its appeal and so will its poll numbers.

Joining UKIP will have far more effect than shouting from the sidelines or typing furiously on Twitter ever will.

So please help UK democracy by joining UKIP and watch those MPs in Westminster start to squirm.

And if you are already a member then please contact your local branch to find out how to stand as a candidate in the upcoming local elections. Because the more candidates we have the more votes we will get and the bigger threat we pose to the LibLabCon.

So Come on, and please do your bit for the UK!

Anyway, please let us all know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Thank you for watching.


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