Image by Sergeant Adrian Harlen-MOD (OGL)

Daily Brexit Update: Sunday 29th July 2018

It is reported that the army has is being placed on standby for a no-deal Brexit.

The Sunday Times says that no-deal Brexit plans include the drafting in of the armed forces to help civilian authorities.

The Ministry of Defence said that no official request for assistance had been received, reports Politicshome.

Aid to the civil power, when needed, has always been on the the main tasks of the armed forces, so it seems logical and prudent to be ready on all fronts.

The knives are out for the Brexit Secretary, Dominic Raab. The Sun reports that one of his secretaries, Rebecca Tott (who was sacked, says the Sun, for leading a double life as an escort), has called him a bully that other staff dreaded working with.

According to Jon Stone, writing in the Independent, "Ukip has pledged to work with Steve Bannon’s new European alt-right movement, forging what critics have branded an “unholy alliance” to bring down the EU and fuel populism across the continent."

The trouble is that no-one has asked the UKIP leader Gerard Batten about this. Neither Steve Bannon nor the Indie it seems!

And Liam Fox has been quietly working away to get trade going:

Now, those infamous Brexit campaign ads. I suppose it depends which side of the win/lose you are to decide what you think about these ads. Here's one aspect calling some of the ad claims 'questionnable' (video):

Finally, this is now a week old but we missed it and is not directly Brexit related. However, the thought of a preacher being told not to read openly from the Bible on the estate of St Paul's Cathedral by it's staff in case it causes a breach of the peace does seem a little strange. Especially as the same land was used to house all those anti-banksters in tents in 2011.

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