The Asda superstore on the Isle of Dogs East London has decided to replace its fresh meat counter with a Halal only service. This on the area where Derek Beackin won the BNP’s first ever council seat in 1993. The Isle of Dogs is 50% Muslim and 20% of the population are Bangladeshi. Asda are claiming they are reacting to consumer demand. They have also set up a contract with a local Halal meat supplier.

Asda may be bowing to customer demands, but I would bet they are going to lose more out of this than they gain. There will be a lot of customers who will not only not want to eat meat from animals that have died from bleeding to death after having their throats cut, they may also not want to shop where this type of meat is being sold.

There is also the possibility of increased racial tensions, especially as Asda is a major supplier in the area.

For those customers who want to show their feelings by voting with their feet, try some of the opposition:

Tescos: 15 Cabot Square, E14 4QT.

Waitrose: Canada Square, E14 4QT.

They may not give you the same range that you are used to, but why not give them a chance?

This may also re-ignite the debate between traditional UK butchery and Halal butchery as to which is more humane and should Halal butchery be banned in the UK. I'm sure this is a debate that many animal lovers would like to see.

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