Just after Cheryl Cole seems to have won her fight for her love, another (Blonde) bombshell lands.

So the media witch-hunt continues for the world's unfaithful men as Ashley Cole who has previously been unfaithful to his wife seems to have unknowingly sent images of himself in the nude to some nice wholesome young lady called Sonia Wild (you couldn't make up a name like that in a comic sketch).

Of course Miss Wild is telling the world that they have had phone sex whilst everyone in Ashley Cole's camp say that it was all a mistake because Ashley gave a phone of his to a friend who passed it onto a friend who then sent the images to sweet and innocent Sonia.

Well there you have it.

Is anyone other than Cheryl and Ashley Cole's family affected by this story? No and if they are affected they are in need of a life of their own.

Again the media is concerned with keeping up the quality control (cough!) on what is reported and giving the public its games and circuses in the continuing dumbing down of society just like they did in the last days of Rome.

I have been a bit harsh on poor old Cheryl in the past, she may not be able to sing and she is not a cultural role model but that woman is most certainly a moral role model.

In an age where people give up on their relationships and marriages at the drop of a hat, Cheryl Cole has stuck by her man who she obviously loves after he has humiliated her with his wanderings beyond the matrimonial bedroom.

I think for that Cheryl Cole has shown exemplary behaviour in her fastidious loyalty to her husband in this matter and I hope for her sake that this is all an innocent mistake.

But if Mr Cole is inclined to eye up trashy tripe ladies and send them photos of himself in the nude after his wife has forgiven his previous misdemeanours  the he should take a long hard look in the mirror and ask himself is he all there?

This sort of thing makes lads think that its OK to break the heart of their beloved wives and for this I say the media should stop its witch-hunt and focus back on more important issues.

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