On the live final of Australia's Next Top Model, 38 year old presenter Sarah Murdoch announced the wrong winner of the prestigious show.

19 year old Kelsey Martinovich was in the middle of her thank you speech when a look of horror arose on Murdoch's face as it slowly dawned on her that the unthinkable had happened.

She had announced the wrong winner and now had to rectify the problem. The mistake occurred after the wrong information was fed to her via her earpiece as the results came in.

Sarah was visibly upset by the mistake and then had to inform Kelsey that she was not the winner and in fact Amanda Ware was the winner.

Kelsey took it all rather well and was a model of good sportsmanship even if she was not the model of Australia's choice as she then had to allow the dream prizes and modelling contracts disintegrate before her eyes as reality set in.

Amanda also appeared a little shaken by the roller-coaster live revelations and then did what models do best and walked up and down a small area of stage, commonly known as a catwalk, whilst posing themselves in a very strange manner that tends to bring out a walk that even the Monty Python's Ministry of Silly Walks would have found too ridiculous to entertain using.

So everyone had a hug and all was made up and rosy in the garden again.

What do you expect from a bunch of lettuce eaters?

The collective carbohydrate dietary content of these models is less than a sugar free Tic Tac so it comes as no surprise that the production team around them would probably follow a similar diet out of fear of looking fat next to these impossibly thin waifs rendering the task of getting the right winner of the show quite a feat indeed for the nutritionally challenged.

Although my hypothesis may be completely wide of the mark I still think there is definitely legs on my proposed scenario.

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