Author: Janina Davison-Forder

Child safety on the Internet

Well I think you see my point. Well you see a title but do you see me? That’s the whole problem! The internet was created to give us a way to access, well, just about anything. The only problem being just about anyone can...

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Winston Churchill

Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill was born on the 30th of November 1874 in Blenheim in the county of Oxfordshire. Little did his parents know what potential the boy held. Churchill was born with a speech impediment, which to...

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I Stand For Children

The NSPCC has cared for and will continue to care for many a child for a long time to come. They tirelessly campaign for the rights of children and the prevention of child cruelty. Although in this day and age, we should know...

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Video Choice

There Are:

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