Author: Jeff Taylor

Gerard Batten: UKIP is back!

Last night I attended a UK Independence Party meeting in Gloucester, with the main speaker being the party's interim leader, Gerard Batten, who I later managed to chat to (video below). He was joined on the stage by the deputy chairman of Young Independence, Reece Coombes and the UKIP small business and countryside spokesman, Ernie Warrender. The Gloucester Guildhall was full of many UKIP members and also some non-members who had come along to find out more about the party. The news that the party was financially back in the black and that there was a plan to deal...

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Brexit Transition: Deal or Sell-Out?!

With talk of giving EU fishing vessels continued access to UK waters as well as allowing the free movement of EU nationals throughout the transition period many are calling this deal a sell out. Apart from the fishing and freedom of movement issues we also have the prospect of the European Court of Justice still holding sway over us during the transition period and Northern Ireland having to stay in regulatory alignment with the EU until a solution or deal can be found – which as far as I am concerned will end up meaning the UK having to...

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Boris Johnson has a go at the BBC!

Video commentary on Boris Johnson talking about 'BBC claptrap', Siemens opening a new 3D printing factory in the UK, the waning support for a second EU Referendum, the Brexit threat to the Liberal Democrats and former Tory MP Sir Gerald Howarth on why the UK should be using its defence capability as a Brexit bargaining chip. VIDEO TEXT: Boris Johnson told Andrew Marr to stop the 'BBC claptrap' during an interview yesterday morning. In a moment that will please many a Brexiteer, fed up with the bias of the Brussels Broadcasting Company, Boris Jonson let fly at the host...

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Brexit and Those ‘Despairing and Defeatist’ Remainers!

Members of the all-party Brexit Select Committee have voted narrowly to propose that the government approaches the EU for an extension to the negotiating period! VIDEO TEXT: The Brexit Select Committee chairman, the former Labour cabinet minister Hilary Benn, has been backed by 12 other MPs on the 21 strong committee in calling for both the negotiation period and the transition period to be extended. The eight Brexiteers on the Committee have responded by publishing their own 'minority report' and calling their colleagues on the committee the 'High Priests of Remain'. Those calling for Brexit to be delayed include...

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UK Under Pressure to Cave in on Irish Border!

Ireland, France and the European Union are demanding that the UK agrees to use the EU draft legal text that could see the single market imposed across the whole UK. VIDEO TEXT: The Republic of Ireland government is demanding that the UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, U-turns on her opposition to the EU draft legal text, or they will block negotiations, reports the Times. The EU draft legal text has already been rejected by Theresa May as something that no UK prime minister could ever agree to, as its 'backstop' plan could create a border between Northern Ireland and...

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