Author: Richard Henley Davis

The Syrian war: someone is lying but is anyone telling the truth?

“You will hear of wars and rumours of wars”, that passage from Matthew 24 which gives an indication of the timing of Christ’s return, seems to be the single most appropriate quote for the early part of the 21st century. It’s all too easy for us in the West to enjoy a level of disconnect from the terrible events that have over-shadowed the Middle East and that (and this may come as a shock to the younger generations) predate 9/11. Yet these wars in distant lands are only too real for those who live under the constant onslaught of...

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Jeremy Corbyn is Playing Russian Roulette

By not condemning Vladimir Putin’s Russian government for the nerve agent attack, the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has risked his own political career and, in turn, the future of the newly emerged hard left Labour Party. Or has he? What I mean is, has he actually done wrong other than ask to see the evidence before condemning a world superpower? There can be no doubt that a few days ago in Salisbury there was an attempt to murder two people using a military grade nerve agent, but as yet that is all we really know and that, it seems,...

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Fans are not happy with Rian Johnson new Star Wars trilogy

To many lifelong fans of the tales set ‘a long time ago in a galaxy far away’, Last Jedi director and writer, Rian Johnson, is now Star Wars’ greatest villain. There are even social media pages springing up dedicated to venting spleens on all things Rian Johnson and Last Jedi. So the announcement that Johnson will create an entirely new Star Wars trilogy has not been warmly received by lifelong Star Wars fans who are still trying to get over the disappointment of the Last Jedi. In fact many fans are calling for the proposed trilogy to be scrapped....

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Jeremy Corbyn’s socialist utopia is incompatible with EU membership

With most of his supporters being hardened Europhiles, Jeremy Corbyn is at ideological odds with the rest of his party. We have all seen the video circulating social media of a much younger Jeremy Corbyn offering his thoughts on the democratic void that is the EU and this liberal left cognitive dissonance within the Labour Party is not going away any time soon. The younger millennial pro-EU Labour Party members are all currently engaged in a collective exercise of sticking one’s head in the sand when it comes to Corbyn’s longstanding dispute with the EU’s adherence to democratic process,...

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Jeremy Corbyn's Surprise Surge Shakes British Politics

It seems like a flashback to the days of Michael Foot where the press ganged up on and mocked a disheveled old man leading the Labour Party, but this time it's different and it's a wake up call to all the other political parties. And what is that difference? I hear you ask. Well, the difference is multifold and each layer plays straight into the hands of Jeremy Corbyn and his band of Marxists from yesteryear, who have managed to rebranded the Labour Party and possibly become the poster boys of legendary comebacks. What Corbyn is doing is not unique, it is just something that we have missed in British politics for a long time — that is, he is focusing on the less well off and the underdog in Britain and is prepared to fight their cause. Were he to take a very different stance on immigration and defence whilst denouncing his appalling record of sympathising with terrorist organisation, he would currently be looking at a landslide election win. Let's face it, we live in a time when poverty in the UK is on the up and the NHS and public services are in utter crisis having been squeezed for every penny of profit by the private sector. Is it any wonder therefore that Labour's spending promises are winning over voters despite previous public perceptions? Theresa May is...

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