Author: Robert Jones

The Legally Privileged!

Every person suspected of a crime and brought to a police station for questioning is entitled to ‘free and independent legal advice’ and they are entitled to this at any time whilst they are in custody. In...

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JP calls vandals SCUM

In the past I have been critical of Magistrates and have even accused them of being out of touch and under trained. I have even gone so far as to claim that they lack the necessary life experiences to perform the role...

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The meeting of harlots

The C and C party Coalition has taken control of the reigns, C and C? Well The 'Cameron and Clegg Party' of course! Or ‘the Coercion and Camouflage Party.’ Or ‘the Completely Conned Party.’ Or ‘the...

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Child Torturers’ Appeal Fails

2009 saw a most sickening and depraved crime. Two brothers, children themselves, subjected two other brothers aged 10 and 11 to a horrifying ordeal of violence. The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge described their actions as...

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Video Choice

There Are:

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