Professor Hawking has said that aliens almost certainly exist but that we should do our best to avoid contact with them.

Hawking will explain his thinking in a new documentary series according to the Times.The professor has based his assertion that alien life is almost certain on several factors.

The first is that the sheer magnitude of the universe must mean that other planets exist capable of supporting life. With over 100 billion galaxies in existence why should the earth be the only place where life can exist? Each galaxy contains millions if not hundreds of millions of stars with each star potentially having planets of its own. With the latest technology we have now identified several distant planets proving that our sun is not the only star with planets.

He then goes further and says that life may also in the centre of stars and floating in space. This is based on the growing recognition that life has been found on planet Earth in the most unlikely places previously thought devoid of life. Like that found in deep sea hydrothermal vents.

There is now even conjecture that life could exist very close to Earth within our own solar system. With Mars, Jupiter’s moon Europa and Saturn’s moon Titan being touted as possibilities.

The danger as Hawking puts it is that any life we encounter may well be more advanced than ours and be on the hunt for raw materials, just like nomads. Contact with such a species of alien could well destroy our life as we know it, Francisco Pizarro González and Inca style.

But that supposes any alien race would think and react socially anything like the human race. Maybe the reason we haven’t been visited yet (to our definite and provable knowledge that is), is that the aliens want to avoid this bloodthirsty race. Also, knowing my fellow man the politicians and bankers would tie the aliens up in knots of red tape and leave them bankrupt within a few years.

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