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Daily Brexit Update: Sunday 15th July 2018

Writing in the Mail on Sunday the Prime Minister, Theresa May, has said that we must back her Brexit or there will be 'no Brexit at all'. What is she saying, that it's either her deal or remaining inside the bloc? That's what it sounds like to me!

Bur David Davis, says The Sunday Times, has accused the Prime Ministers and her helpers in this of being 'astonishingly dishonest' for claiming that it is only her way or 'no Brexit at all' in a piece he wrote for the 'paper saying that Theresa May has left our fingers in the EU mangle but that there is a way out.

And former Brexit minister Steve Baker and the head of the Torey Eurosceptic 'European Research Group' (ERG) have both mounted attacks on the PM. Steve Baker says that Theresa May has been running a 'cloak and dagger' plot to undermine Brexit, while Rees-Mogg accused the 'oddly secretive' PM of deceiving Brexiteer voters and dropping her 'Brexit means Brexit' philosophy.

And when Peter Mandelson comes out and says that the PM's almost 'Remain' proposals are a 'national humiliation' surely the game's up? Surely?

On the Marr Show this morning, one of the guests, Amanda Platell, said that the Daily Mail had been getting loads of letters on what the subject of Theresa May and her Brexit proposals, none of which it seems was good comment about the PM.

And it's now sinking in that the Chequers based deal is bad, bad, bad. For one it would not release us from ECJ jurisdiction, says Mark Wallace in Conservative Home.

And the winner out of all of this is UKIP. The latest Opinium poll for the Observer has Labour now in the lead on 40%, the same as last  month, but the Tories have dropped by 6% to 36% while UKIP has rebounded from just 3% to now stand at 8%.

And the biggest loser appears to be the PM herself as 62% want her to go according to a Deltapoll survey for The Sun on Sunday.

Airbus is a bit peeved after it decided to go public with concerns over its business position regarding Brexit at the behest of the UK government, only to find the same government handing over a £2 billion contract to its bitter rival Boeing a couple of days later!

And for those that continue to trust the Beeb, the Spectator says that over the last three years the BBC has secretly got its hands on £million in grants from the EU – but there seems to be no mention of it by the Beeb itself!

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