As some readers may be aware I went through a long period of excruciatingly bad back pain a couple of years ago.

After seeing a chiropractor and being told by my GP that my back was now ‘second-hand’ I almost gave up any thoughts of maintaining my keep fit regime.

I have been a regular gym frequenter for many years (decades even) and the thought of having to give up did gall me. At one stage, after almost two weeks of intense pain I despaired of ever being able to walk properly again! It also made me radically change my often disparaging view of those who claim to be suffering from back pain. Now I know what they were on about!

Being a computer user and prone to Google everything, I soon found the Healthy Back Institute. The high quantity and quality of the material offered soon gave me hope. The most important thing to me was the enlightening information explaining exactly why I was suffering.

The Healthy Back Institute also showed me specific stretches I could do that have definitely worked for me. They also offer devices specifically aimed at alleviating your pain.

Well, that was the past, how about the present. I once again attend the gym four times a week for a 45-60 minute session of cardio-vascular exercise as well as doing weights. I do get the occasional twinge but now know what to do to keep the back functioning properly. Before, during and after my gym time I stretch my back and hamstrings and that keeps me pain free.

This experience with back pain also forced me to re-evaluate my exercise regime and, working with the resident experts I started a new schedule. Since then I am far better toned and have lost more excess flab. I realise now that despite my previous gym-going I had fallen into a non-productive rut there. That has now changed! I am also sure that losing weight has eased the pressure on my back.

If you are experiencing back pain, however minor, check out the Healthy Back Institute before it develops further. It may be the best thing you do today!

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