Jan Helgerund of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology recommends that we do four sessions of four minutes each with a three minute rest between them. Doing this interval training once a week would increase our fitness whilst cutting down time in the gym he says.

As a regular gym goer myself I can tell you that the vast majority of gym members already do a lot of ‘interval training’. That is large twenty minute intervals of chatting in between a couple of minutes exercise whilst reading a magazine.

Helgerund's intensity is enough to leave you 'a little out of breath, but you shouldn't have the obvious feeling of exhaustion,' But that's what I see with many people in the gym I go to anyway.

I am not a doctor or a qualified gym instructor but I believe that, unless you have a medical condition, hard exercise that tests your muscles, lungs and heart intensively must be good for you.

There are many benefits to strenuous exercise, a spring in the step, a natural attractiveness as well as an alert mind. It also helps you to understand your own body and its limitations. But the best bit is you can be a bit footloose and fancy free with your diet. As long as you eat some fruit, veg and protein you can also have that odd extra doughnut.

Part of a proper exercise regime also includes stretching pre and post workout. This also helps your body to stay flexible and mobile and has helped me greatly in combating back pain.

Some readers will know that I have suffered from Sciatica in the past. This manifests itself in many ways and even though I have in the past consulted chiropractors and doctors, the information provided by the Healthy Back Institute gave me the knowledge that helped me to understand and (so far) beat the 'enemy'.

A combination of stretches that the Healthy Back Institute showed me and intensive, properly structured exercise has kept me pain free for years. Don't get me wrong, I still get the odd twinge and I have to be very careful. But at least I know what I am fighting.

Don't end up overweight and unfit because you have a bad back. Find out if you can regain your life and try it for yourself.

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