The Labour leader’s speech was an extraordinary confection promising Britain a return to the divided, bankrupt country of the late seventies”. said Nigel Farage MEP, the UKIP leader,Economically, environmentally and constitutionally inept and destructive, at over an hour, it may the longest political valedictory speech in our history.”

Ed Miliband claims a government under him would create new towns and garden cities, with 200,000 new houses per year until 2020, must surely make all the green campaigners in Labour who applauded the equally ludicrous proposition to cut all carbon out of energy by 2030, weep over the loss of British green belt land. If the Labour government had, and planned to, ever cut inward migration into the UK there would be no need to despoil the already overcrowded British landscape with fast spreading conurbations”.

At the same time he plans to freeze gas prices until 2017, without saying how he could possibly achieve this in a free market while adhering to the carbon cutting craze that is forcing energy prices up by channelling vast amounts of money into unreliable, inefficient green technologies such as wind. Labour’s idea to create an Energy Security Board does little more than bring back memories of candles after dark and burning braziers at street corners”.

He suggests he would cut taxes on small businesses. Which taxes? Does he fail to realise that the greatest burden on companies in the UK is the tangle of EU regulation that cauterises any growth or flexibility?

Nigel Farage by Jeff Taylor © The Economic Voice Limited

Nigel Farage by Jeff Taylor © The Economic Voice Limited

He also spoke of raising the minimum wage, even making two tiers of a minimum salary, but it is the influx of cheaper foreign labour keeping pay at the lowest possible rate. He will drive more and more people onto the lowest level of pay, and do little other than add a few pence on an hour to alleviate the strain.

Yet he said next to nothing about dealing with his own inheritance, the deficit, and nothing of the EU, nothing of the toll of inward migration on houses and public services and quite deliberately has excluded EU workers from his proposals that any company taking on foreign workers would have to commit to also hiring apprentices.

But surely the most transparently self-serving of Miliband’s well delivered but embarrassing conference speech was the commitment to gerrymandering that would see him give the vote to 16 year olds, not legally allowed to drive, not legally allowed to drink, taught almost nothing of politics in school, but who would make useful little Labour voters for when his party’s popularity plummets so low he changes the rules to manufacture all the votes he can get.”

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