How can we possibly be considering hydraulic fracturing (fracking) for cheap energy when water is so scarce that we're pushing to have water meters fitted to millions of homes to conserve the precious liquid.

Fracking involves taking billions of litres of water, mixing it with a cocktail of chemicals and pumping it at high pressure deep underground to hydraulically fracture the rock so releasing gas and oil.

Just at the time that the government is pushing fracking as the solution to the problem of expensive energy, we're being told that millions will have to have water meters fitted because our reservoirs are in danger of running dry.

Now call me cynical but could the two be connected? Surely not. Surely in a modern democracy we the people would have had this all explained to us so we could decide? Or are our leaders and their advisers so stupid that they don't realise that this conflict exists? Or are they so sure of the stupidity of the people they govern? I'll leave that one for you to decide.

Apart from the water supply issue, which is already happening in the US, there are also concerns over the pollution of the water table with so much contaminated water being pumped into the ground as well as its effect on the ground we stand on.

But most importantly water is one of the fundamentals of life. But we are in danger of placing cheap energy higher up the tree. Or more accurately we are in danger of putting corporate profit higher up the tree (if we haven't already). Which one is more important – cheap and abundant water? Or cheap and abundant energy?

What on earth is the point of having abundant cheap energy, if you pay for it with expensive and scarce water? Fracking should only be allowed when it is totally safe, is proven not to pollute the water table and when there's enough water to actually conduct drilling operations without limiting what people need for their day to day lives at a very low cost.

I can drink water, wash with it and cook with it but I can't even slake my thirst with gas and oil.

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