It is reported that an unnamed male strolled around a branch of Barclays and left a series of ‘deposits’ that were not much to the liking of the staff and other customers alike.

It appears from an Express report that a seemingly well to do but angry looking man in his 40s and wearing shorts left some foul reeking brown messes in the branch as he walked around the bank in Andover.

Now if he had a beef with the bank he could at least have had the courtesy to file a complaint in the normal manner.

But one also wonders if he filled in the correct paperwork to protect his deposit, you know what banks can be like. He could also have asked for the use of  a safety deposit box – that might have been more appropriate.

There is also the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) to consider. The FSCS recommends that you spread your deposits out across a series of banks in order to get the full protection from the scheme. Did this customer avail himself of this and leave similar deposits in the other major banks?

Barclays sign © The Economic VoiceOne customer said that he only realised that these deposits were occurring after a foul smell pervaded the building, with the stench being ‘unreal’. The Express does have pictures of the offending deposits as well as of the staff conducting the after-sales ‘administration’.

The bank branch had to be closed of course while these ‘special’ deposits were processed in the appropriate manner.

One has to wonder what the correct interest rate is for a deposit of this type and how the returns will be delivered back to this customer. Will it be sent back to his house in an envelope, or deposited into his account?

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