According to research by the Daily Telegraph, Baroness Catherine Ashton who is Britain's only representative in the EU executive has been absent for two thirds of the European Commission meetings over the past 12 months.

Baroness Catherine Ashton was famously appointed undemocratically to the unpopular new post of EU foreign minister with an annual  salary of £230,000 but it does seem as though she regards the post with a not insignificant level of disdain. What other justifiable reason is there for neglecting a post of such great significance to the UK?

Conservative MPs and MEPs alike have voiced their disgust at Baroness Ashton's conduct (the worst record of attendance out of all the 27  EU Commissioners)  who have also questioned her commitment to one of the most hierarchical roles in European politics.

It was Gordon Brown's endorsement, or should I say Midas touch, that led to Catherine Ashton's appointment to the EU position much to the annoyance of Conservatives and MEPs from around Europe even though many initially supported said appointment.

Many of the meetings which she missed were of vital significance to the UK and in particular the European regulation of the city of London, which in a time of economic crisis and upheaval is quite irresponsible to the point of negligent.

George Osborne has recently pleaded for Europe to sort out the Banking system and "put it's own house in order", such a call may have had some weight if we had someone of influence in the EU commission who is more focused on the job at hand rather than on homesickness from spending weekends away from her family in London.

75% of all UK  laws and EU member states are passed in Europe, which diminishes Britain's democratic voice for reasons which are obvious, so to wilfully prioritise other commitments is beyond belief.

No one in Britain has had a say on Britain's position in the EU through referendum let alone have any say in who takes what job in the EU commission.

It is because of this breakdown in the democratic process we are losing our identity in a homogenised soup of European cultures and ideas which conflict with our own.

What is it to be British in the 21st century?

Answers on a postcard to :-

Baroness Ashton,

Somewhere else other than at an important meeting fighting your corner regarding your future.

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