While the rest of the country’s public sector workers are facing a pay freeze or even a redundancy notice, Auntie Beeb has given a pay rise of £475 to everyone in the organisation earning less than £37,726.

For those at the top end of that scale it equates to 1.26%. The payout will put extra money in the pockets of 70% of the BBC staff. According to the Times it adds 1% (about £6 million) to the BBC wage bill

This appears to be a direct challenge to the Chancellor’s pledge to freeze all public sector pay above £18,000 p.a. but ministers have had to admit that they can do nothing at the moment to prevent this pay rise.

The director of BBC People, Lucy Adams, wrote in an e-mail that it was hoped that the extra money would be considered as fair and reasonable to help staff facing increases in cost of living expenses.

The unions have already asked for a 7.3% rise with the warning that anything less than 2% is totally unacceptable.

Tjhe BBC claim they need pay to keep pace with the private sector, but ITV has already frozen their pay.

The bosses at the BBC just don’t get it. There is pain coming for everyone. Not just those who can’t easily be given the public’s money via a compulsory licence fee. What they are doing is trying to shield their own people from the difficulties ahead, not with their own money but with taxpayers’ money. Had the management got together and reduced their pay to the benefit of those at the bottom with neutral effect on the wage bill the public would have been impressed.

No, as ever, spending other peoples’ money is far easier than spending your own!

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