Study hard and you’ll succeed,” was a mantra of schoolteachers and parents for a long time. It’s true; hard work does help tailor success, yet any intelligent person will dismiss the suggestion as nothing more than vague.

However, there are practical and actionable things a modern-day professional can do to elevate their business and career. Consider the following five strategies in successful peoples’ repertoires.

Go Back to School

Going back to school is an investment, but like buying a home, it’s an investment in one’s future. Sure, you have to pay for classes, but you get that money back through better pay awarded via important roles and executive positions. In times when special skills are highly valued, smart professionals return to school making them more sought as company assets in New York or by a group of professionals elsewhere in major business hubs.

Speak to a Counselor

Speak to an executive coach or business counselor about accelerating your trajectory through a respective industry. For example, lawyers who elect to comprise private practices sometimes find themselves at a disadvantage due to the number of incoming leads. By speaking to a business coach, a private practicing lawyer can learn ways to attract more business through digital marketing means. Executive coaching (Speak to a representative at doesn’t tell you how to run your business; coaching helps you identify how to pursue a better career.

Discuss a Promotion

Sometimes higher-level executives are busy and need prompting concerning appreciating specific contributions of employees. Therefore, it’s advantageous to prompt a discussion regarding a possible raise or promotion with one’s superiors. While an immediate or even long-term promotion may not be possible, at least a professional will be able to make immediate decisions based on official feedback. There’s no harm in asking but a silent employee may never get that deserved promotion.

Take on Side Projects

Consider adopting ‘side projects’ or addressing work pro bono. While you’ll have to sacrifice added time, you’ll sharpen skills and gain more advocacy from others. Advancing a career sometimes means doing something unique to standout and has nothing to do with one’s skill sets or abilities to do well in their chosen field. Consider serving as a freelance professional or procuring an added skill set.

Take on More In-house Projects


Office Interior by Karlos bostnan

Office by Karlos bostnan

In America, businesses suffer amid the wake of the ‘Great Recession.’ Unfortunately, the position of many CEOs seems to mirror that of JFK years ago, “Ask not what your country can do for…” Rather than thinking about how one’s company can benefit them, consider getting by giving, inquiring about your opportunity to invest more of your time and yourself in the company, taking on extra projects, joining more in-house teams, etc.

Modern-day professionals have many options that will help accelerate their careers. Drive and hard work can’t always help in isolation. Exacting a number of methods, such as contacting an executive coach, greatly improves one’s state of employment and the trajectory of their career. Start taking action by implementing practical career acceleration tips.

By Timothy Hall

Timothy enjoys mentoring new professionals. When not ushering his employees to reach their potential, he enjoys blogging about leadership and career development.

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