700,000 terminally ill patients could see their ESA benefits cut by 2016 in order to provide better value for money for the taxpayer.

Benefits cuts could begin this April in order for the government to reach its target of £2bn savings with more than 400,000 not being allowed further support from ESA.

The new cap is 12 months for people on contributory-employment and support allowance and, under the welfare reform bill plans, anyone who has under 6 months to live will not see a benefit cut or change to their circumstances.

So 7,000 cancer patients face losing support and people with other life threatening conditions will make that number much higher.

Even though the ruling has yet to be passed into law letters are being sent out to those who may see their benefits cut.

Neil Coyle, from the Disability Alliance said:

"The impact of cutting support will be devastating for people already told they only have a limited time left to live. Many will have worked for years and will feel they deserve a little support in return till they pass away.

"The government has time to change plans before terminally ill people and their families have this avoidable and quite nasty cut imposed."

A spokesperson for the DWP said:

"It would be completely wrong not to alert people well in advance that there is a possibility that their benefit entitlement may change.

From next April people in the work-related activity group will only be able to claim ESA for a year – to bring it into line with other benefits.  "ESA is not designed for people to claim for the long term unless they are in the support group.

We must ensure that the benefit system has to be fair to taxpayers as well as disabled people."

In two weeks time the Welfare reform bill will enter Lords committee sessions for debate which could see the 12 month cap amended or removed.

Is this how we construct our society? Last year there was over £35bn lost in unclaimed tax, mostly from tax avoidance measures from offshore tax evaders and tax avoidance loopholes, yet we will victimise the most vulnerable in society in order to scrape back relative pennies.

Our political class have become become so detached from reality that they refuse to stand up en-mass to oppose this most sickening of potential outcomes and instead sit back as the dying are sent letters, which will in no doubt cause their last days to be filled with further financial distresses.

How could such a proposal enter any bill for the Lords committee?

It is deemed appropriate for the tax payer to prop up banks in Britain and across the Eurozone with bankers receiving sickening bonuses far exceeding the cost of maintaining payments to the dying.

I am not into banker bashing, it is unnecessary and counter productive because the answer is simple, just stop propping up the banks with taxpayer's money being diverted from people like these terminally ill patients.

We have constructed our society so that the majority of wealth is created via loans from banks, which under fractional reserve banking, has the ability create money against a lesser fraction of wealth.

But the wealth creators are in effect us in this debt based monetary system and we have informally agreed by submission to allow the distribution of our wealth created by loans taken out by us to be immorally and reprehensibly used and abused in the favour of those a few privileged individuals  and not not in favour of those trying to say goodbye to their families and friends.

Whether or not this bill gets passed with the 12 month time limit included is not the point of argument.

The point of argument is something is very wrong with our society when we even consider it as a possibility and send letters out which will cause distress to the vulnerable based on a possibility, which should never have entered the heads of the policy makers.

Why is it that we tinker away with the pennies that directly affect the most vulnerable in society whilst signing without question huge cheques with unlimited zeroes on them for the banks.


Give these dying people some dignity and leave them alone.

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