Not only has he spent £45,000 on his grace and favour abode since June, Bercow has also spent £13,000 on entertainment. Initially he said he would ‘only’ be spending £20,000. It seems that he and his wife gradually racked up the costs for such things as a larger TV, a DVD player and wallpaper. He is though no longer claiming MP’s second home allowance and has asked MPs to accept the Kelly recommendations.

But, is this the same grace and favour apartment that Speaker Martin lavished £100,000 a year on with a bill totalling some £1.7 million last year? If so this must be the most expensive piece of real estate for the UK to maintain. I suggest it is pulled down and replaced with something a little cheaper on the upkeep bill.

Do we also take it that every time there’s a bit of a government re-shuffle that just changing the decor in a few offices costs a fortune? And don't forget Lord Irvine’s refurbishment when he was Lord Chancellor? What’s the bill going to be like after the next election? An expensive thing in terms of refurbishment this democracy.

Many will argue that in this case it was done to make the place child and family friendly and that the expense was because it had to be in keeping with the property. What have they done, lined it with gold laced cotton wool?

But what was Bercow thinking? He must surely have known this would all come out. Especially after the reasons behind his appointment and what he said at the time. And who oversaw the decisions about the spend? What were they thinking? It seems that he just pushed ahead despite the misgivings of parliamentary officials.

Every day, little by little, we get more and more evidence that we need a clean sweep of all politicians. Let’s start with a nice blank sheet. All the current lot are from the same communitarian mould, you pay more tax and we your nice MPs will spend it. We, the ordinary people, need to take responsibility back for our own lives, shrink the state (a lot) and stop these ballooning excesses.

Just so you know, Mrs Bercow also has political ambitions, she will be standing in council elections next year …. for Labour. I wonder how expensive she will be?

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