Satellite broadband might not be that old of an invention but already rural communities are benefiting from it. In areas where normal internet services are unavailable, satellite internet is playing a major role. Let’s look at the advantages of satellite broadband for rural areas.

1. High Speed

Satellite broadband is very fast considering the fact that in most rural areas internet is not available at all. You can get speeds up to 20mbps or more depending on your service provider. One thing you need to keep in mind is that rural areas will always be at a disadvantage against urban areas. These under-developed areas just don’t have the facilities to cope with the demands. So having such modern amenities is a blessing in disguise. People from the rural communities should be able to perform various basic tasks with ease.

2. Accessibility

Satellite internet is accessible from anywhere in the world. Since it does not have a fixed spot or location, you can connect seamlessly. It is especially helpful for the business community who will want to stay in touch with their customers. Activities such as web browsing, sending emails and chatting are fairly simple to perform via satellite internet. Often in rural areas the only type of internet access that you can get is via satellite. Secondly, it is way better than a dial up connection. So if you are ever faced with a decision of choosing dial up or satellite, go for the satellite option.

3. Mobility

Satellite internet is mobile; you are free to roam around anywhere and you would still get signals. It is very practical for rural communities who want to access the internet. Even travelers who are on the move all the time can access the internet via satellite. It is a viable alternative DSL and other wireless networks.

4. Backup

A satellite connection will never break down. This is probably one of the biggest advantages rural communities can get from this. Their data is always safe and secure. It can never be lost as the connection is always online. Land based connections may fail in case of a calamity or natural disaster. But these satellite connections on the other hand are highly reliable and efficient. There is no chance of a malfunction or error so you stay online all the time.

5. Worldwide Network

Satellite broadband gives you worldwide coverage. It is not reliant on the landscape or infrastructure like other connections. Instead you get your signals directly from space. It is a very useful option for rural businesses that are operating in more than one region or country. Countries in developing regions often use this connection and they can deploy to anywhere across the globe. Remote places such as Antarctica rely on satellite connections to connect with the world.

6. Communication

Businesses in rural areas can now form a communication network through satellite broadband. They can communicate with workers and clients alike. In today’s modern era, it is imperative that a business maintains a close communication circle with all stakeholders. Satellite broadband gives them a system through which they can achieve their goals. Instant messaging allows these businesses to update their customers regularly and also telecommunicate with their colleagues.

7. Cloud Network

A cloud network system allows files to be accessed from any location. This means that there is no need to transfer files through flash drives and emails. You can just access it on your personal computer by looking up the defined location. This way your data is also protected because it cannot be deleted or lost to computer malfunctions.

8. Time

Managing time is essential for the success of any business. The high speed connection saves time that might be unnecessarily wasted. Transactions move along much faster as you are able to respond to customer queries in a more effective manner.

9. Online Presence and Target Marketing

Satellite Broadband Dish by Satbuff (PD)

Satellite Broadband Dish by Satbuff (PD)

Satellite broadband helps you maintain an online presence while you can also compare satellite providers. Using an online comparison site is one of the easiest ways to compare satellite TV providers. Social media will help you engage the customers and connect with them on a more personal level. Satellite internet helps rural businesses compete with other urban companies.

10. Cost

Lastly you can also save a lot of money over the long run. Your travelling costs are significantly reduced as you can just transfer data instantly. You are also likely to increase sales by reaching out to a larger customer base.


Rural communities can gain a lot if they compare satellite TV providers. This internet service is very efficient and has proved time and again that it can be a great alternative for DSL. Given the amount of developmental work being done in this field there is a possibility of even more progress.

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