I am sure you have heard of the first two aforementioned individuals but the third may not be a name you are familiar with, yet John Mejor is the only hero in the headline.

I will begin this article with a question. Do you live in a just society? It's a simple question and your answer will be based on your understanding of the environment in which you live.

So back to the main thrust of this.

First on the menu is Beyonce Knowles, a talented (cough…tripe) singer who has just performed in front of Colonel Gaddafi's leering son at his request for (as rumour has it) around £2 million! And I thought she was a good Christian girl. I wonder if she would have performed for Saddam Hussein's sons if the opportunity had arisen and the price was right?

Second on the list is Sir Fred Goodwin, yes you remember him, that lovely chap who oversaw the decimation of the balance sheets one of the world's biggest banks only to be bailed out by the taxpayer. Fred was one of a few senior bankers that oversaw the near collapse of the banking system then got a very handsome payout and pension in return.

The upshot of Fred's good work meant many people got to lose their jobs and homes etc. etc.

Thirdly is John Mejor who is a decorated war hero who put his life on the line for a dream of a safer, better and fairer world to the one he saw in the early 1940s with the rise of fascism and the abhorrent moral stance of Nazi Germany which threatened the free world.

We owe him a great debt so in a 'Just' society he should be looked after until the day he dies and treated with the respect that a hero commands or rather should command.

He should have all his financial problems resulting from his old age and ill health waivered, because that is how we give thanks to his kind for bravery and the freedoms which we (used to) enjoy today from the sacrifice that many from his generation made 70 years ago.

That would be the hallmark of a 'Just' society and country/world.

Sorry to disappoint you but John Mejor aged 88 is being forced to sell his home leaving his 94 year old wife homeless.

Why is he being forced by our government to sell his home? Because he no longer qualifies for subsidisation by the NHS for his care in a care home even though he needs 24 hour care.

His family can not find the £700 pounds a week to pay for the care so they must sell the family home which his wife still lives in.

In a world where celebs have millions of children looking to them as role models only to prostitute themselves for the son of a perverted despot and unscrupulous and greedy senior bankers bringing the economy crashing down, it is the war hero who will sit in a care home crying for his wife who he cannot protect as his home is sold for his care home fees.

So I will ask you again, do you live in a just society?

No, the quality of justice within the UK and the rest of the world is somewhere between pathetic and non-existent, the brave new world that John Mejor was prepared to lay his life down for has become nothing more than a joke.

John Mejor we have let you down and we give reward to those who least deserve it.

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