Pictures showing Billie Piper enjoying a cigarette with smoke blowing over her son have sent the media into a frenzy .

We all know the dangers of passive smoking and we all know the impact that we are told it could have on a child's health but is this important news?

Let's put this into perspective, Billie is smoking a roll-up and some of the smoke has blown over her son and so does that mean she should be singled out by this action as a bad mother?


It means that Billie was enjoying life and a day out with the family however some of the smoke from her cigarette (which she was smoking outdoors) went over her son.

Billie was sitting with her husband Laurence Fox in a pub beer garden having a nice time, I am sure she will think twice about daring to enjoy herself again least she be subject to ever present watchful eye of the media.

I remember my mother dropping me off at school as a young child and getting out of the car with clouds of smoke being released as I opened the passenger door but the same applied to all my friends who would also emerge en-mass from their parent's Morris Minor cars in a puff of smoke like a Butlin's magician.

It was the norm.

OK back then they didn't know the dangers of passive smoking but then again they didn't know the dangers of E-numbers but childhood obesity was limited to the one fat boy in the class who would almost always go on to become a great rugby player.

The 1970s was not perfect but if I had the choice of raising a child now or back in the age when you could cut a piece of pillow from a child's cot and use it as a nicotine replacement patch, I would choose the 1970s every time.

I crave and mourn the world we have left behind.

Then I saw Billie Piper smoking a ciggie with the press giving her a hard time and I thought yes that doesn't look right Billie and you're a very naughty woman but who cares?

Cancer is a very real threat to our lives but not being able to enjoy anything that life has to offer is a threat to our quality of life and it is up to the individual to decide how he/she chooses to live his/her life and also to factor in the consequences of  actions like smoking around the children and that right to decide should not be taken by the overbearing self policing servants to a nanny state.

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