According to a report that the Times has seen, the use of biofuel may not be as good for the environment as first thought.

At present the government has a target for us to increase the use of biofuel in the UK. Under the Rehewable Transport Fuels Obligation 3.25% of all fuel sold must come from crops this year and by 2020 this will increase to 13%.

The study though shows that, when taking the full production cycle into account, biofuel increases emissions by 31% where the target is a reduction of 35%.

The EU has its own report, which it will not publish. But the Times has learnt that even this reveals severe concerns over the issue. But of course there are far too many subsidies and too much money and vested interest in it for the EU to change anything. What they will probably do is just change the rules, but the end damage will be the same.

There need to be a radical rethink on all our so called ‘green’ policies. We have been frog-marched into a physical and, more worryingly, a mental straitjacket of green action and thought. Our children are, as we go about our day today, being brainwashed at school into this ‘green’ thinking. So that they can come home and lecture us on how we are destroying the planet. When in fact it is this very ‘green’ interference that is doing the damage.

Coupled with dodgy AGW data that is being used to dictate how we must lead our lives we may be causing far more harm than we think. It turns out that the ‘Green’ brigade may be the real ‘Flat-Earthers’ in this whole sorry saga.

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