After Mother's Day (as opposed to the UK Mothering Sunday) and the modern Hollowe'en comes the US retail day of 'Black Friday'.

Sometimes referred to as 'Green Friday' it is the Friday following US Thanksgiving Day and marks the start of the Christmas shopping 'season'.

This year the US will celebrate Black Friday on Fri 26th November. On that day even the financial markets shut down early, with the trading floor closing at 1pm.

In modern times though Black Friday is more associated with special sales and promotions pushed by retailers to get shoppers into their shops over the holiday weekend with huge discounts.

The origins of the term Black Friday are varied, some think it is derived from a seventeenth century financial crisis, while another that is gaining most traction is that it the time when retailers start to go into the black and make a profit for the year.

Bit just like Christmas elsewhere there are reports that Black Friday deals are coming out early and appearing during the previously off-limits Thanksgiving.

But now Amazon has brought this whole concept to the UK, albeit a few days early early.

Amazon offered lightning deals in the form of short term sales with limited item quantities. Although many people were extremely pleased at their bargains there were many who missed out on the little bonanza.

Many will now be expecting a repeat next year and this could well spread just like so many other American 'traditions' (sorry, habits) that have found their way across the 'pond' to dear old Blighty.

I wonder what Harrods and Fortnum and Mason would make of it?

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