OK, the truth isn't as grand as it sounds. But articles published on the blog 'muckandbrass' run by blogger Niall Connolly has effectively shut Somerton Town Council down. It ended up with eleven of the fifteen councillors resigning, one walking out in sympathy and one going on 'holiday'.

It all started with a local council meeting where the blogger took a lot of notes then launched a scathing attack on the council from his computer console. Something the council claim he is always doing.

The whole affair appears to stem from a 'democratic deficit' in Somerton. With the council allegedly ignoring the wishes of the locals, unable to answer funding questions and fighting the Freedom of Information Act.

From the blog you get the impression that the resignations happened en masse at the meeting, like some sort of lemming leap. From the councillors came the story that it was a post meeting, considered event. According to the councillors, it was the blogger wot dun it. In the blog he was more of a bystander. Whatever the case there were a lot of unhappy people at the meeting, on both sides of the table.

Reading between the lines it looks to me like the blog is a distraction. An annoying one for them but still a distraction. It looks to me as an outsider, that the council were being found wanting more and more, little by little, day by day. The blog is being investigated by lawyers for possible defamation.

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