Brand awareness is a vital part of any business in regards to selling their product. However, the British National Party (BNP) has used the Marmite brand in a recent party political broadcast and put it this way, Marmite don’t exactly love it! Now, there is good press and there is bad press, some say all press is good press although Marmite beg to differ.

Parent company Unilever is all for advertising but not when it involves being associated with the BNP. The BNP did not in fact refer to the product  in their broadcast but had it displayed in the top left hand corner of the video. As a result of the unpermitted use of the brand, Marmite have started legal action against the party and have made it very clear that no permission was given to the BNP to use their brand in the broadcast. The party have retaliated by threatening to use the product again saying;

"They'll be even more upset if they push us further and I start eating a jar of Marmite on my next live TV appearance."

Marmite has said they do not wish to be associated with any political party. The use of the product came after Marmite used the BNP as an example of the ‘hate it’ part of their popular slogan ‘Marmite – you either love it or you hate it’.

This is not the first time the BNP have had disagreements with external organisations. In March the much loved tradition of throwing eggs at politicians was taken to the next level when a member of Unite Against Fascism (UAF) took it upon themselves to throw a dart at the party. The BNP have also angered many when leader Nick Griffin compared himself to the late Winston Churchill on a televised interview. He also branded the late prime minister a racist and said that he would be thrown out of the Conservative party if he were part of it today.

I would think it would be beneficial for the BNP to perhaps try not to anger anyone else in the run up to the elections, or make any more plans of sabotage by plotting to kill their own leader!

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