Bono’s new charity video advert has not been cleared by Clearcast for transmission on UK TV.

Clearcast, whose stated mission is to ‘make it easier to get ads on air’, has not cleared ‘The F Word: Famine is the Real Obscenity’ video advert for UK TV broadcast as they say it does not comply with the rules that cover political advertising in the UK. That is despite the fact that the charity it was made for, ONE, claims to be nonpartisan.

As you can see the advert itself does not ask you for money, it asks you to make your voice heard. So you can judge for yourself how ‘political’ it is.

It is hard for me to see why a video that brings peoples’ attention to the sheer horror of famine cannot be cleared for viewing. Especially when it does not ask you to part with your hard earned money.

If bringing the plight of the world’s starving to our attention is political then I say we need more politics!

Clearcast should see the film for what it is and someone with authority and the cajunas to do so should then say that, whatever the rules say they will clear it. They should then press for the rules to be changed as they are patently wrong if this type of film is being effectively banned by them.

Bono is not everyone’s cup of tea, but anything that brings the plight of the hungry to our notice cannot be a bad thing can it?

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