There are two reports out about male fertility with one advocating a good sunbathe and the other advising guys to switch the mobile off to to improve the sperm.

The first of both studies reported in the Express says that the increased vitamin D levels produced in the body during sunbathing helps produce sperm that are stronger swimmers and also more able to penetrate the egg on arrival.

The research conducted by Copenhagen University and published in the Human Reproduction journal tested the sperm of 300 men as well as samples from another 40 and took vitamin D levels in their blood. This showed that sperm swam faster and were more penetrative in men with higher vitamin D levels. As the report says, this may explain why couples appear to conceive whilst on their holidats.

That is, as long as they leave their mobile telephones behind.

The second report by researchers at Queen's University Ontario indicates that men that used mobile phone were more likely to have higher testosterone levels but lower levels of luteinising ­hormone, a key element for reproduction. 2,000 men had their sperm tested from 1993 to 2007. They were spit into cell phone users and non users with both groups having the same sperm count. It is thought that the electromagnetic waves from the cell phones could adversely affect fertility by blocking the conversion of testosterone into an active form that promotes sperm production.

So for you gals looking to start a family this is a great excuse to get your guy to pay for that holiday in the sun but leave his cell phone at home and concentrate on you!

It might also be a good idea to leave the lap-top at home too according to this article.

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