Cheryl Cole, who has recently been described as the most boring woman in the world has decided to move back in with her ex-husband Ashley.

According to an article in The Star, the vocally challenged Girls Aloud singer will be going against the opinion of her close friends and be moving back in with Ashley this  month because she believes he is the only one for her.

Speaking the aforementioned newspaper a friend of Cheryl said “All Cheryl’s mates feel very wary of this move after the tough time she’s had lately thanks to The X Factor.

“Cheryl thinks that she will never feel the same way about anyone else and that’s driven her to make a swift decision.   “Nothing her friends say to her will change her mind.

“She’s also keen on moving back into Hurtmore as its top-notch security affords much more protection from the paparazzi.”

The Daily Mail recently quoted member of the paparazzi who was following Cheryl, he said "Cheryl Cole is the most boring woman in the world" because of her secluded lifestyle and lack of party antics.

The description by said paparazzi does make one feel slightly sorry for Cheryl who is hounded day and night by a media scavenging for scandal and scathing when they are not satisfied her behaviour is not wild enough to earn money from.

Miss Cole has to put up with irrelevant articles like the one you are reading right now so the vampiric public can feed their dumbed down reality with inconsequential stories about her.

Cheryl and Ashley are not important, they are celebrities because we are told  they are celebrities.

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