The latest Westminster Voting Intentions run by YouGov for The Times will be good news for Boris Johnson.


This latest Westminster voting intentions poll for the Times by YouGov out today, still has the Conservative Party with a healthy lead over its nearest rival, the Labour Party.

And in a choice between the new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and the leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, the answer is clear.

Now in this graph the blue bars represent the latest poll and the red bars are from the poll conducted just over a week ago.

YouGov WVI 8-8-09Although the Tories have dropped a point since the last poll they are still on 31% and nine points ahead of the Corbyn-led Labour Party in second place.

Labour has though managed to keep level on 22%

Jo Swinson's Lib Dems have gained a point to stand on 21% and only one percent from equaling the Labour position.

The Brexit Party under Nigel Farage has also managed to halt its very recent slide and even regain a point to stand on 14%.

Amongst the more minor parties, the Greens have dropped one percent to 7, the SNP stays on 4%, Plaid drops to a statistical zero and the rest mop up the final one percent.

These figures will please those politicians and political advisers sat behind the polished black door to Number Ten. They will see it as a vindication of their strategy.

And on the question of who would make the best Prime Minister, the scores came in at 39%, Down from 42%. Jeremy Corbyn got just 19%, down from the last poll's 21% but the winner today was the don't knows and didn't answers with 41%.

But I think Boris will be content with that.

And when asked to select from a list the three most pressing issues facing the country at the moment, well, surprise surprise, Brexit came out on top with 68%, one up from the last poll. and looking at the remainder of the top ten, Health came second on 35% then came the economy, then crime, followed by the environment (which won't please the Greens they want that at the top), then immigration and asylum followed in order by housing, defence and security, education and welfare benefits.

The final question was were we right or wrong to vote to leave the EU.

41% said we were right to vote to leave, which is unchanged from the last poll.

And 47% said we were wrong to vote to leave the EU, which is down two points on the last poll.

The number of don't knows increased from 11% to 13%

Now looking again at the voting intention part of this poll poll and recent news, it's becoming clear that the only party with no clear Brexit policy is the Labour Party so it would be hard to work out the Brexit Remain split – and further, after John McDonnell's comments at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival I think the only thing that party's leadership is interested in is power first, then people scaring policy formulation later.


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