The Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson has lambasted the Downing Street customs partnership plans.

Saying that the customs partnership plans would not only lead to more bureaucracy, Boris Johnson called them 'crazy' as they would stop the UK taking back proper control as well as restricting our ability to make new trade deals.

His intervention, says the Daily Mail, comes as Brexiteers worry that the proposals, which were narrowly rejected by the Cabinet Brexit Sub-Committee last week, may now be given a make-over and title change and re-presented by No 10 for approval after 'picking off' the two Remainers on the committee who voted against it last week – The Home Secretary Sajid Javid and the Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson.

"It’s totally untried and would make it very, very difficult to do free trade deals.’ Said Boris.

"If you have the new customs partnership, you have a crazy system whereby you end up collecting the tariffs on behalf of the EU at the UK frontier.

"If the EU decides to impose punitive tariffs on something the UK wants to bring in cheaply there’s nothing you can do.

"That’s not taking back control of your trade policy, it’s not taking back control of your laws, it’s not taking back control of your borders and it’s actually not taking back control of your money either, because tariffs would get paid centrally back to Brussels."

The Sun says that according to his mates, Boris is fed up with Theresa May's dithering over Brexit and also believes that he is now the only champion of Leave left and that there are fears over his future in cabinet.

The Sun reports that one of them said:

"Boris is completely fed up. He thinks he is the only one pushing Brexit now.

"I don’t think it’s a resignation thing at the moment."

And Jacob Rees-Mogg says that the Foreign Secretary would be more aggressive that Theresa May over the Brexit negotiations. But that plays into the PM's hands, he says, as the EU are more likely to give her a better deal than risk having to face Boris over the negotiating table.

I have to ask, are we lining up for a resignation followed quickly by a leadership challenge? I wonder how many letters of no-confidence in their leader the Tory 1922 Committee chairman has in his safe, right now?

Now to business. I've just read a story written by a London based Italian property businessman who was shocked when the UK voted to leave the EU.

Manuel Alsoni started out in the UK working from an office in his garage and now runs a company called Setha based in Notting Hill with 30 consultants.

He said that the referendum result was both a personal shock and also a business shock as he saw the value of the pound drop and read all the forecasts of doom and gloom from the experts.

So you would expect him to be packing his bags and taking his family as well as what's left of his business back into the Italian arm of the EU.

But far from it, the UK economy has defied the scare-mongers he says.

"The pound has recently risen to its highest level since the referendum, house-builders continue to forecast strong earnings and, according to JLL, demand for Central London office space has increased by 14% in the past twelve months." He writes.

This has also been reflected in the performance of his own company, which is now actively looking for more sites to develop.

He paints an optimistic future picture for London as more homes and infrastructure are needed and built. And he sums it up in two words: economic growth.

I've left a link to the Brexit Central article in the description box below, where he ends by saying:

"So, although I will never get used to the weather, London is exactly where I intend to stay."

I do so wish that our UK Remoaners had the same sort of faith in the UK and it's prospects as this Italian businessman shows, don't you?

But the French are not happy bunnies it seems!

They were hoping that post-Brexit the EU would adopt French as the new language of the EU.

"Slighted French politicians have hit the roof after the European Commission signalled the English language will become more important in Brussels after Brexit." Reports the Sun!

So, and I'm going to enjoy saying this – despite Brexit, English will still be the predominant language in the European Union!


Although a part of me does say that if they did change to French or German the Remainers work would become ten times more difficult! Don't you reckon?

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