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Image by FCO (CC-BY-2.0)

The Boris Johnson Campaign team is reported to be putting together a plan to prorogue parliament for the final two weeks in October to stymie any plans by Remainer MPs to stop a no deal Brexit.


Now this'll have the Remainers frothing at the mouth.

Sky News reports that the Boris Johnson campaign team are looking at plans to shut down parliament and have a Queen's Speech early in November.

Normally Parliament is prorogued for a week or two prior to the Queen's speech so this would mean that neither MPs nor Lords would be able to interfere during the running down of the clock to a no deal WTO Brexit.

This news will bring a flurry of condemnation and intensify the plotting in the halls of Westminster to try and stop a no deal as early as possible.

But as Boris Johnson has not removed the possibility of a no deal from the table he must be seen to be serious about it, so making preparations like this is absolutely right and proper.

This now sends a message to everyone that a no deal Brexit is a possibility that the UK is seriously preparing for, including stopping Remainer politicians and their anti-Brexit plots in their tracks.

Because that's all that those against a no deal are really interested in – stopping Brexit altogether. They can try and dress it up any way they want, but we Brexiteers know the truth.

Because they know that if they can stop no deal, they effectively also halt any meaningful negotiations to leave the EU.

And they also know that it would inevitably lead to the requirement for yet another extension to the Article 50 process – and that would almost certainly come with the strings attached of demands from the EU of either a second referendum or a general election.

It would almost certainly also lead to the UK needing to formally appoint a new UK Commissioner to the EU for the next five year period, as Julian King's duration in the Commission ends when the new Commission starts on the 1st of November, the day after we're due to leave the EU.

And doing that would really be handing over our future to the Remainers.

And bear in mind Jeremy Hunt's plan of possibly delaying Brexit a bit could well involve that appointment.

Now, be honest, how many of you out there knew the name of the UK Commissioner to the EU?

Did you also know that his job is all about, and I quote from the EU Commission website:

"Ensuring the swift implementation of the steps needed to build an effective and sustainable Security Union."

Interesting, don't you think?

Anyway, to get back on topic, anyone pushing to stop no deal is really acting against the majority vote in 2016 as well as most of their manifesto promises in 2017 and all the statutes they helped pass in the last three years.

And that's why a prorogation plan must be prepared.

The European Union must be in absolutely no doubt about the UK's intention to leave on the 31st of October, come what may.

If they are not totally convinced of this, then they will never, ever negotiate, will they?

So, all no deal ducks must be in a row and all blockages to a no deal Brexit identified and removed and be seen to be removed.

Only then will those in Brussels take any notice. And that is exactly what our own Remainer politicians are so desperate to avoid.


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