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Summer leave for Number Ten aides and cabinet minister's advisers has been cancelled as Boris Johnson puts the Brexit gearbox into overdrive.


The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has sent a letter to civil servants today and told them that preparing rapidly for a no deal Brexit is now their top priority. And the government's staffers and specials advisers, or SpAds as they are called, have been told to cancel their August holidays to get it done.

In the letter sent out today, Boris told the civil service that it was highly regarded and also thanked them for all the hard work they've already put in and said:

"Preparing urgently and rapidly for the possibility of an exit without a deal will be my top priority, and it will be the top priority for the civil service too.

"Between now and then we must engage and communicate clearly with the British people about what our plans for taking back control mean, what people and businesses need to do, and the support we will provide."

And according to Politico:

"Eddie Lister, one of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s most senior aides, emailed the special advisers Thursday night to announce all annual leave is off until after October 31 — when Johnson has promised to quit the EU, "do or die." Those with holidays already booked will be compensated for money already spent."

Politico also reports that Boris Johnson intends to start a 'people's Prime Minister's Questions' (People's PMQs)in the coming weeks where he will answer questions from the public using Facebook livestream.

I've got to ask, has that been cleared with one of Facebook's most recent employees and the head of the company's global affairs and communications team – one Nick Clegg?

He'll have kittens!

And this innovation from Boris follows hard on the heels of the short video he sent out from his desk at number ten, something those of you who saw my post on my YouTube Community tab will know about.

Anyway, in his letter Boris Johnson also said he wanted to leave the EU with a deal but he said he recognised that this might not happen, so the UK must be prepared to leave by the 31st of October.

All this activity now taking place that should have started on the 24th of June 2016!

And Boris is not only wearing his heart on his sleeve and nailing his colours to the mast, he's putting all the eggs of his political capital into the one Brexit basket.

There is no way he could spin his way out of any failure to deliver on Brexit now, is there?

Whether you agree with him or not or like the Tories or not, isn't this the sort of politician the country's been crying out for?


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