The Tory leadership race continues with one candidate failing to get the required 33 votes, so five are left with Boris Johnson still leading the way.


The second Tory party leadership vote in the contest to replace Theresa May is now complete, so how did it all pan out?

Well there are a couple of points of note.

And I'll talk about those as we look at the graph of results.

Tory vote 18-06-19As you'll see, Boris is still way out in front and has increased his support by 12 from 114 to 126 fellow MPs.

Jeremy Hunt is still in second place but has only increased by three to 46 supporters while Michael Gove closes the gap slightly in third place by gaining four more supporters to stand at 41, just five behind Jeremy Hunt.

Rory Stewart has been the big gainer in the lower rankings by leapfrogging into fourth place with an extra 18 supporters to almost double his vote to 37 and breathing down Gove's neck.

And in fifth place is Sajid Javid who gained an extra ten MPs behind him to just make the cut-off vote of 33.

But it was not a good night for Dominic Raab as he only managed to gain three extra votes that took him to 30, three short of the required minimum number, so he has been eliminated from the contest.

The big talking points here are that Boris only increased his vote by 12. Many pundits predicted that the snowball would get much larger as it rolled down the hill towards Downing street.

And the other talking point will of course be the rise of Rory Stewart, although anyone who watched my video this morning will know that I am not at all surprised by this.

The next item on the agenda for the remaining candidates is the BBC leadership debate in about an hour from now, so I'm signing off now to prepare for that.


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