Boris Johnson By FCO (CC-BY-2.0)

Boris Johnson By FCO (CC-BY-2.0)

From the original list of contenders for the Tory leadership, seven of the ten go through to the next round with Boris Johnson holding a commanding lead.


The first round of the Conservative Party leadership contest went to the favourite, Boris Johnson who ended up with 114 votes in the ballot with his nearest rival 71 votes behind.

One point to note here, is that originally the rules were that at each vote the one single candidate with the least votes would be eliminated.

But this was changed for this contest due to the numbers of candidates and the time pressures involved.

So, for this first round candidates needed a minimum of 17 votes to get through to the next round. And in the next round they will need a minimum of 33 votes.

The result of the vote was announced shortly after 1 pm today on behalf of the Tory party 1922 Committee by Cheryl Gillan, who is one of the two returning officers for this election.

There were the full 313 votes of all Tory MPs, with no spoilt or rejected papers.

Conservative Party leadership contest first round results

The full list of results is as follows:

Boris Johnson – 114

Jeremy Hunt – 43

Michael Gove – 37

Dominic Raab – 27

Sajid Javid – 23

Matt Hancock – 20

Rory Stewart – 19

and the following three were eliminated from the contest because they gained fewer than the required 17 votes:

Andrea Leadsom – 11

Mark Harper – 10

Esther McVey – 9

Now the surprise here is not so much the scale of Boris Johnson's lead, but also that Rory Stewart managed to squeak through into the next round. Something most people thought would never happen.

But the Conservative Home website does actually have him in second place behind Boris Johnson, albeit it in a distant second place and over forty points behind Boris who is on a record 54% and still the clear favourite.

But the Politics Home website put Boris and Rory equal first on 4.5 out of 10 on the question of who would make the best next Prime Minister.

Rory Stewart also appears to have grabbed the attention of the press, with many pundits saying he is running a very good campaign. So maybe we'll be seeing a lot more of him over the coming days.

But all eyes are obviously on Boris to win and most are just wondering whether it will be Jeremy Hunt or Michael Gove that will end up being the challenger when the final two go to the Tory membership to decide.

Unless of course the buffoon side of Boris surfaces.

Now, there is a story circulating that members of Team Boris were pressing his supporters to use their phones to take photos of how they voted, so as to prove they did what they said they would do. So the other returning officer, Charles Walker, banned phones from the voting room!

So, no proof for Boris to base his cabinet team on then.


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